Do you need to know how AI fits you?

Whether you are starting out, auditing your data assets and compliance whilst collecting some initial data, or seeking to develop new products and leverage known data assets, then we can help you plan, build and grow, Whether you want to see what your data can tell you, or you need to train and integrate custom neural networks, then we can leverage over forty years of development experience.  We can help you remain GDPR compliant whilst deploying custom applications, training custom models, and leveraging your data for smart systems capable of projection, recommendations, searching, matching, and much more.

  • Our Offering

    We combine the latest and strongest industry platforms, combined with world-class data science and deep learning, to provide truly smart solutions.

    We are ready to deploy cloud scale solutions, mobile integrations, enterprise applications, as well as data analysis reports, neural networks, and state-of-the-art AI feasibilty assessments and prototypes.

  • Ethos

    We are all dedicated and experienced specialists, who pride ourselves on out solutions rather than our sales team.  We believe that identifying the right solution, then impementing it well, is the main thing our customers really want from us.  We would rather not take the work than deliver an ill-conceived solution, and our team take personal pride in all they deliver.

  • Technology

    Our team has experience with the majority of common and recommended platforms and technologies, but we have our suggestions and particular strengths.  Every developer on our team is familar with .NET, Azure, JavaScript, HTML and CSS as a core skillset, and we notably include SQL, Python, PyTorch and Keras amongst our other strengths.

  • Integration

    As amazing as custom deep learning models can be, they do not tend to produce business value until they are integrated into a solution.  Much of today's world is about connections, and we expect this trend to continue in the years ahead.

    We can help you connect intelligence to your existing systems, or connect pathways to maintain and monitor models as they progress to and exist within production environments.

  • Other Challenges

    Our team has a diverse domain knowledge, and can happily work with your specialists to identify other technical tools and solutions to ease your progress.  It is amazing how often insights fail to progress between domains, and our team's varied client history brings a range of perspectives and understanding together for you.

Our Awesome Team

We look to retain the best people in their sphere's, each brining a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm.  Here are some of our key players.

James Burton


A team leader, developer, maker and general computer geek. With over a quarter of a century of computer experience, and an enduring love of technology, he brings a wide set of skill and deep knowledge to the team.

David Burton


Twin brother to James Burton, and friendly rival through over a quarter of century of programming and techology immersion, he also brings a masters degree in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and many years of working as a consultant developer across a range companies and industry sectors.

Ben Roberts


Ben's love of technology predates his mechatronics degree, and over the years since he has worked with a range of clients to develop well-crafted sites and hone his skills further.

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